Ash Dieback Contractors

What is Ash Dieback? Also known as ‘Chalara’ is a fungal disease that is highly infectious and it’s presence could destroy Ireland’s ash trees and most other non-native members of the ash family.

If the tree remains untreated it will eventually die within two to five years, and the diseased plant could possibly infect other important trees in the area.

What is Ash Dieback caused by? The fungal disease causes leaf loss and crown dieback in affected trees, that will lead to the eventual death of the tree if left untreated.

Where did ash dieback come from? Scientists believe Chalara originated from Asia and evolved from different variation species of asian ash trees.

Some trees appear to be immune from the disease, and ongoing scientific studies are attempting to understand this resistance from nature, in the hope that a cure is soon found.

What are the first signs of ash dieback? Dead and blackened leaves hanging amongst the live foliage often with a purple tinge; the disease causes diamond shaped lesions where older twigs and branches join the stem or trunk.

At present there appears to be no cure for ash dieback, as science has yet to identify any biological methods for slowing down or stopping the spread. Some trees can be saved which depends on the depth of how much the disease has penetrated the tree.

Ash Dieback Grants: The Ash Dieback replanting scheme provides financial support to help replant Irish forests affected by the chalara ash fungus. Call us for professional advice for eligibility and how to claim.

Ash Dieback Management & Prevention: Contact TMFS for an immediate consultancy if you suspect Chalara as the cause of your unhealthy looking trees.

Ash Dieback Contractors

Ash Dieback Contractors

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