Firewood and Mulch


Firewood and Mulch: TMFS provides sustainably sourced loose or bagged seasoned firewood from Irish managed estates and forests. (sycamore, Ash & Oak) on a collect or deliver basis to customers.

Seasoned firewood deliveries (pallet, bulk bags or truck load) are within our local catchment areas: County Louth, Meath, Dublin, Cavan, Monaghan, Sligo, Leitrim, Longford, and Armagh.

Home fuel heating costs are spiraling out of control, and now is the best time to top-up your stocks and burn affordable ECO fuel.

Contact us for a very special quote, because It’s free to talk! We are industry experts in seasoned firewood supplies.

Firewood and Mulch


What is Mulch? Mulch is a layer of material that covers the surface of your garden soil, play area etc, and it’s made from different types of wood.

It’s made by chipping or grinding up trees and sometimes the wood we use for mulch from whole trees that have been felled at the end of their life or downed in storms.

Mulch is great for pathways, flower beds and play areas and It’s an effective weed-suppressant and moisture retainer.

Bark Mulch, made from the bark of trees, sourced from sustainably Irish forests, is an affordable way to freshen up outdoor areas. Get in Touch for pricing

Firewood and Mulch

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