Biomass Chipping Contractors

Biomass Chipping Contractors

Biomass Chipping Contractors: TMFS provides a mobile wood chipping service to visit your site, and we can recycle timber up to 9” in diameter into 1” wood chips.

The chipper provides an invaluable addition, when lopping, topping or coppicing trees to a manageable small pile of chips, which are seasoned, and can then be used around the garden.

Additional Services: Tree Felling & Dismantling | Reducing, Shaping & Dead Wooding | Hedge Trimming, Shaping & Removal | Chipping, Mulching & Stump Grinding | Full Tidy Up and Waste Removal.

Stumps left behind from tree cutting can be variously described as unsightly, taking up valuable gardening space, or even hazardous.

We provide a tree stump removal service, and if you want the entire thing removed, there is no better method than an industrial grinder to complete the job. Contact us… it’s Free 2 Talk!

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