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Forestry and Tree Surgery, has been established for over 15 years and is owned, operated and managed by Shane Mulligan and his highly experienced team.

We are the premier Forestry Tree Surgery experts in Southern Ireland, and additional services include:

Tree felling, hedging, stump grinding, root investigation, hazard assessment, planting, maintenance, wood chipping, Solar Land Clearance, BioMass Chipping, Forest thinning, consultancy, Tree shaping & Ash Dieback Surgery.

If you think your forest is nearing the thinning stage, or if you would like to plan ahead then please contact us for a free, no-strings consultation.

Tree Maintenance & Forestry Services will market and get the best price possible for your timber.

Typically first thinnings provide low value timber which is used for stakes, pallets and pulp. Subsequent yields provide greater volumes of stake or pallet wood and less pulp.

Final clear fell, generates a high proportion of construction grade timber which is the highest value timber product.

Contact us for a special quote, it’s free to talk! We are industry experts in all things that are trees.

Ash Dieback Contractors

Forestry and Tree Surgery

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